Dear Parishioners

On February 11th we have the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. LOURDES is the most well-known and loved of the shrines of Our Lady. In 1854 she appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, aged 14. In a series of apparitions Our Lady made it clear that she wished Bernadette to establish a shrine. From this came the present grotto and wherein there have been miracles, healing, prayer and faith.

Pilgrims come from all over the world to find solace, healing, inner peace and strengthening of faith. Each year St. Bede's school in our parish takes part in an archdiocesan pilgrimage from which many graces result. The pilgrimage greatly affects many of our young people and many others from our parish. Many used few words but include 'Pray for sinners' 'Penance! Penance! Penance!'

'Tell the priests to have a chapel built here'.
'I am the Immaculate Conception.'
It is good advice to those visiting Lourdes:
Don't expect anything
Ask whatever you wish
Receive whatever you are given
And you will return laden with good things.
(a shortened prayer for Our Lady of Lourdes)

O Holy Mary, Mother of Mercy, you are the refuge of sinners, the health of the sick and the comfort of the afflicted. You know my wants, my troubles, my sufferings. Over the years countless sufferers have obtained the cure for their infirmities-whether of soul, mind or body. I come to you with limitless confidence to implore your motherly intercession. Obtain, O Mother, the grant of my requests. In gratitude for your favours, I shall endeavour to imitate your virtues that I may one day share in your glory. AMEN.

This Sunday is the Feast of St. Scholastica, twin sister of St. Benedict. They shared their life of searching for God in prayer, in contemplation and in community life. They also shared of human affection and their natural family love. St. Scholastica is patroness of our Benedictine sisters. (The name means 'the learner one').

Boniface OSB

Live Simply - Grow a Garden

The Scouts have begun to turn a plot of derelict land at the side of the Parish Centre into a garden. The plot is all enclosed - a walled garden that can be seen from the windows of the lounge - and full of sun. Click here for further information.


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Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Christmas 2018

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