Dear Parishioners

The following passage comes from the well-known spiritual writer Henry Nouwen which was published in last week's 'Tablet'.

For most of us Pentecost is a nonevent. While on secular calendars Christmas and Easter are still marked, Pentecost is spectacularly absent.

But Pentecost is the coming of the Spirit of Jesus into the world. It is the celebration of God breaking through the boundaries of time and space and opening the whole world for the re-creating of power of love. Pentecost is freedom, the freedom of the Spirit to blow where it wants.

Without Pentecost the Christ - event - the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus - remains imprisoned in history as something to remember, think about, and reflect on. The Spirit of Jesus comes to dwell within us, so that we can become living Christs here and now.

Pentecost lifts the whole mystery of salvation out of its particularities and makes it into something universal, embracing all peoples, all countries, all seasons, and all eras. Pentecost is also the moment of empowering.

Each individual human being can claim the Spirit of Jesus as the guiding spirit of his or her life. In that Spirit we can speak and act freely and confidently with the knowledge that the same Spirit that inspired Jesus is inspiring us.

Godric OSB

Lourdes Pilgrimage 2019 - Rosary Beads

This summer young people from our parish will join with over 450 young people from the Archdiocese to go to Lourdes on pilgrimage to serve the assisted pilgrims. They will also spend time responding to Mary's call to pray the rosary. The young people are asking for Rosaries to be donated so that they can use them in prayer in Lourdes. If you would like to donate a rosary please do so in the box at the back of church with your name and if you wish an intention for the young people to pray. The rosaries will be collected on Sunday 7th July so please donate any before that date.

Synod 2020

We have had the final Synod Easter Reflection leaflet to consider. The 4 leaflets have covered the following 4 Synod questions:

Q1: Where in your everyday life do you experience love, truth, goodness, hope, and joy?

Q2: When you reflect on your life now, and as you look to the future, what causes you concern or worry?

Q3: What is the purpose of the Catholic Church in the world today?

Q4: Having reflected on these things, what are the topics you would like to see on the agenda of Synod 2020?

There is a series of Parish and group meetings planned for consideration of these questions, with all comments being passed to the Synod office as part of the process.

You can also respond on an individual basis by taking part in the survey on Synod 2020 web site which also covers the above questions, this option closes on June 30th.

Please help our Archdiocese to prepare for the future by taking part in one of the group or parish meetings and/or completing the online survey.

Individuals can also contact me. Joan Bill.

Holy Land Pilgrimage 21-28 November 2019

I now have details of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 5 nights in Bethlehem; 2 nights in Tiberias; Half Board, 4* hotels; return flights Manchester-Tel Aviv, Full pilgrimage programme. Cost 990. Extra: Single room 225; Tips 50; Travel insurance 55 no age limit; travel to Manchester airport. For further details contact St Anne's parish office or sign the form at the back of both churches.

Live Simply - Grow a Garden

The Scouts have begun to turn a plot of derelict land at the side of the Parish Centre into a garden. The plot is all enclosed - a walled garden that can be seen from the windows of the lounge - and full of sun. Click here for further information.


Click here for Syrian resettlement update.

Click here for list of items needed for the home.

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New edition for Easter 2019 now available

Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Easter 2019

Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Easter 2019

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