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During this Easter time the readings at Mass are taken mainly from the Gospel according to St John and include many passages when Jesus talks about being 'The Bread of Life'. These passages speak to us very clearly about The Eucharist. Recently, I came across a letter by St Justin, a martyr in the second century. He was about 33 before he became a Christian then spent the rest of his life ardently proclaiming and explaining the Gospel of Jesus. The following is part of what he had to say about the celebration of the Eucharist (the Mass) in his day. The second part of Justin's article will be on next week's bulletin.

No one may share in the eucharist except those who believe in the truth of our teachings and have been washed in the bath which confers forgiveness of sins and rebirth, and who live according to Christ's commands.

For we do not receive this food as ordinary bread and as ordinary drink; but just as Jesus Christ our Saviour became flesh through the word of God, and assumed flesh and blood for our salvation, so too we are taught that the food over which the prayer of thanksgiving, the word received from Christ, has been said, the food which nourishes our flesh and blood by assimilation, is the flesh and blood of this Jesus who became flesh.

The apostles in their memoirs, which are called gospels, recorded that Jesus left them these instructions: he took bread, pronounced the prayer of thanksgiving, and said: 'Do this in memorial of me. This is my body.' In the same way he took the cup, pronounced the prayer of thanksgiving, and said: 'This is my blood', and shared it among them and no one else. From that time on we have always continued to remind one another of this. Those of us who are well provided help out any who are in need, and we meet together continually. Over all our offerings we give thanks to the Creator of all through his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Godric OSB

Holy Land Pilgrimage 21-28 November 2019

I now have details of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 5 nights in Bethlehem; 2 nights in Tiberias; Half Board, 4* hotels; return flights Manchester-Tel Aviv, Full pilgrimage programme. Cost 990. Extra: Single room 225; Tips 50; Travel insurance 55 no age limit; travel to Manchester airport. For further details contact St Anne's parish office or sign the form at the back of both churches.

Live Simply - Grow a Garden

The Scouts have begun to turn a plot of derelict land at the side of the Parish Centre into a garden. The plot is all enclosed - a walled garden that can be seen from the windows of the lounge - and full of sun. Click here for further information.


Click here for Syrian resettlement update.

Click here for list of items needed for the home.

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Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Easter 2019

Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Easter 2019

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