Dear Parishioners

Three weeks ago, Archbishop Malcolm spoke to us about his plan to hold an Archdiocesan Synod in 2020. The aim of the Synod is to help the whole archdiocese reflect on what God might be asking of us today, in this time when in many ways the Church is at a cross road. The archbishop's intention is to draw on all the experiences and wisdom of all of us in the archdiocese and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in this process of discernment.

The openly expressed concern of many people is that this should not be a mere talking shop, and I know that this is very much in the mind of Archbishop Malcolm himself. We need to hear the voices of everyone, listen to what is being said and act.

As part of this process I would like to invite as many parishioners as possible from both our parishes to come to a meeting at St Anne's Pastoral Centre on Thursday 22 November at 7pm. The purpose of the meeting is to give further information about the synod and to discuss the kind of person who could be a synod member from each of our parishes. We may also be able to start the process of nominating the synod member.

This synod is likely to be one of the most important events in our Catholic lives for many years to come as it will give voice to those who feel they may not be the most ardent of Catholics as well as those who are committed in their faith. When elected, our synod member will want to find out what are your hopes and fears for our Church? How can we as Christian communities serve our fellow men and women? This is a time for action and the future is in our hands. Please ensure that your family is represented at this meeting on 22 November.

Godric OSB

Weekend Masses in our two parishes:

Many thanks to all who contributed to the discussion about the times of Sunday Masses in both parishes. The decision was clear, so we shall continue with Masses as follows:

Saturday: 6pm Vigil Mass for Sunday at St. Anne's
Sunday: 9am St Elizabeth's, 10.30am St Anne's, 4.30pm St Anne's

From Saturday 13 October we shall resume having Mass at 12 noon with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Adoration at 11am.

Live Simply - Grow a Garden

The Scouts have begun to turn a plot of derelict land at the side of the Parish Centre into a garden. The plot is all enclosed - a walled garden that can be seen from the windows of the lounge - and full of sun. Click here for further information.


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Newsletter Pastoral Area 14 - Easter 2018

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