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The following paragraph comes from "Intimacy with God" by Thomas Keating. He's writing about a way of praying known as "Centering Prayer".

Father Godric OSB

As we sit, we may receive the consolation of the Spirit. But after several years of this prayer, we always find ourselves in the desert, because that is the way to divine union. There is no way of getting well from the wounds of our early childhood except through the cross. The cross that God asks us to accept is primarily our own pain that we bring with us from early childhood. Our own wounds, our own limitations, our own personality defects, all the damage that people have done to us from the beginning of life until now, and our personal experience of the pain of the human condition as we individualy have experienced it - that is our true cross! That is what Christ asks us to accept and to allow him to share. Actually in his passion he has already experienced our pain and made it his own. In other words, we simply enter into something that has already happened, namely, our union with Christ and all that it implies, his taking into himself all of our pain, anxiety,fears, self-hatred, and discouragement.

During August all weekday Masses will be at 9.30am preceded by morning prayer at 9.15am.

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Ormskirk Catenians Annual Clergy Night

Ormskirk Catenians hosted their ever popular annual Clergy night at Hurlston Hall. Attracting 30 local Priests and 35 Ormskirk Circle members. Bishop John Rawsthorne was the Principal Guest speaker, John originally from Crosby studied at St Josephs Collage in Upholland and was ordained in June 1962. John was appointed the Bishop of Hallam( Sheffield) Diocese in 1977. on his 75th birthday in 2011 in accordance with canon law John offered his resignation as Bishop of Hallam to Pope Benedict XVl but was refused and remained in office until official retirement in 2014.

(picture from left to right: Ormskirk President Tony Charnock, Bishop John Rawsthorne, Ormskirk St Anne's Priest Father Godric, Ormskirk Vice President John Gannon)


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Pastoral Area Newsletter 14 - Easter 2017

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